Read This Week

In an effort to share more, but with limited time (going freelance means I’m never ‘not at work’ anymore…), I’m starting a new series of posts on Mondays and Fridays.

Here’s what I’ve got on my radar today that I think is worth your time:

Interview: Kitchen Confidential (Real Change)
Labor organizer Saru Jayaraman reveals why the treatment of restaurant workers ought to be the next front in our fight for food justice.

Why Unions Are Going Into the Co-Op Business (Yes! Magazine)
As manufacturing in the United States continues in free fall, the USW is working to bring the Mondragon cooperative model to the Rust Belt. It aims to use employee-run businesses to create new, middle-class jobs to replace union work that has gone overseas.

Can We Print Our Way Out of Climate Change? (Mother Jones)
[VIDEO] Tech optimists’ crush of the decade is surely 3D printing. It has been heralded as disruptivedemocratizing, and revolutionary for its non-discriminatory ability to make almost anything: dressesguns, even houses. The process—also known as “additive manufacturing”—is still expensive and slow, confined to boutique objets d’art or lab-driven medical prototyping. But scaled up, and put in the hands of ordinary consumers via plummeting prices, 3D printing has the potential to slash energy and material costs. Climate Desk asks: can 3D printing be deployed in the ongoing battle against climate change?

And on a different track, but still thought-provoking:

Pitch Forward: Interview with Teju Cole (Guernica Magazine)
The writer, art historian, and street photographer on the body vs. the intellect, the mythical pre-history of humanity, and how very serious a Twitter post can be.

Look for more on Friday, when I’ll give another round-up of good reads to take you into the weekend.


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